Let’s Get Introduced With The Alternative Medicines

By alternative medicines, we mean something that is different from conventional medicines. Alternative medicines are the result of deep research and experiments which itself ensures the full safety and improvement of our health. These days alternative medicines got three different types.



Neuropathy states all those problems relating to peripheral nerves in the body. This results in the numbness & weakness of hands and feet and is common with the people having diabetes. For these types of diseases there are some alternative medicines that work well:

  1. Acupuncture: this involves the insertion of simple thin needles in the specific area of the body. Acupuncture is not limited to neuropathy only; it has many other forms such as Chinese acupuncture, IVF acupuncture, facial rejuvenation acupuncture and so on. It is one of the safe forms of traditional Chinese medicine.
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid: This treatment is also safe but leaves some minor effects such as blood sugar level change, skin rashes, stomach problem etc.
  3. Herbs: It is one of the oldest and indeed most effective forms of treatment for neuropathy. But for this discussion with the doctor about the dosage is a must.
  4. Fish Oil: The omega3 fatty acids are very much useful to reduce the signs of peripheral neuropathy. In addition, patients having diabetes can get a huge benefit from this.


floral medicine Neuropathy

Ayurvedic is treating people over the past 5000 years. It is believed to bring a perfect balance of the body, mind and spirit. It doesn’t fight the disease but surely plays a great role to improve the health by removing the disruptions in the harmony. These disruptions may include injuries, age, emotions, genetics and many.

As per Ayurveda, is made of five things: air, fire, water, earth and space. And every single living being has separate combination of these five elements, which is called ‘doshas’. Ayurveda aims to have a balance between the ‘doshas’.



Homeopathy is widely used all around the world and it includes the dilute forms of particular natural substances. It is one of the safe alternates and helps to strengthen the healing function of the body.


How IVF Acupuncture Help To Achieve Fertility Goals


IVF Support Acupuncture

People often go through specific procedures and therapies to develop their physical or emotional state in certain point of life. Apart from other diseases, sometimes women also take in Chinese acupuncture therapies for getting pregnant or even as a helping hand for fertility treatment. These therapies go through various critical stages.

Keeping all the stages aside; a very popular time-honoured medicine Acupuncture is playing the most vital role while undergoing In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. IVF Acupuncture is now highly popular in Australia as one of the most reliable support for fertility treatment.

IVF acupuncture is undertaken in the treatment of infertility by the women having ovulation disorders, ovarian failure, ill or broken fallopian tubes and it may also relate to other genetic disorders.

Acupuncture lessen the stress and tension while at the same time improve the balance and quality of life when someone is going through the IVF  acupuncture treatment. It helps to stimulate the flow of blood towards the uterus affecting ovulation naturally. Acupuncture benefits the regularity of hormonal health which leads to the development of fertilisation.

Baby with mom

Most of the women complain about their drastic mood swing, mental disturbances, fatigue and other side effects during their IVF life-cycle. But IVF Acupuncture gives greater relaxation and control over anxiousness. Though Acupuncture treatment differs for every single person depending on the symptom of the patient.

Acupuncture is one of the long-lasting healthcare systems in the world from the oldest form. It is very effective and natural in health care leaving no side effects. It applies the very holistic method to understand the functioning of the body and ensures a very healthy life to come up.

To get the best IVF acupuncture in Melbourne, there are many experienced Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners who specialise in delivering effective acupuncture remedies leaving you with no worries and a healthy life.