5 Ailments Which Can Be Managed by Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a version of Japanese bodywork where the technique of touch and applying pressure is used to regulate energy flow all over the body. This process supports the flow of blood circulation in the body and helps to relax relieving stress.

Shiatsu has an ancient history and its roots are derived from as old as 530 BC. The predecessor of Shiatsu is Anma, which was later popularized by a blind acupuncturist Sugiyama Waichi. It was in his blind schools that Shiatsu was further developed and eventually spread all around the world in USA, Europe and Australia, particularly naturopathic clinic in Melbourne is very popular.

Each of these 40 to 60 minute Shiatsu massage sessions can produce multiple positive results. The slight stretching and smoothening of the skin relaxes the muscles and calms down the high pressure in the veins and arteries.

Various techniques all over the body eventually can alleviate the ailments of the following 5 symptoms.


Migraine Headaches

Those who have it can only understand its pain. Cold weather, stress or food varieties are few of the causes of this serious issue. The soft massages at specific points using fingertips is a great way to manage this, allowing a normal day to day tasks to be stress-free.

Digestion And Circulation Problems

Uptake of nutrition is vital for a healthy body. With a proper gentle massage, the body is free to relax and the smooth blood flow can carry the minerals and vitamins throughout the body where it is needed. The functioning of the intestines is enhanced helping with digestion and removal of the waste materials much freely.

Balancing Menstrual Cycles

Use of Shiatsu massage has a long history of women in their monthly menstrual cycles. Suffering from menstrual cramps and depression are common at these times. A massage at these difficult situations relieves both mental and physical pain, lifting up the mood to enjoy the day.

Skin Issues

Shiatsu massage stimulates secretion from the glands in the skin. This prevents skin breakage and maintains the softness of the skin. Blood flow to the skin capillaries is also stimulated which has an impact on the ageing of the skin preventing wrinkling.

Back And Muscle Pain Disorders

Shiatsu applied to the specific parts of the pain is extremely effective. Pressure from the Shiatsu massage releases tension in the muscle due to prolonged contraction. The constant relaxation and contractions of muscle cause buildup of lactic acid. The improved blood flow takes away this acid from the muscles and brings the required nutrition which soothes the regions in pain.