Acupuncture: 5 Interesting Facts You Never Knew

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Acupuncture- A term which is widely searched now. It is a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment running from the last 3000 years ago and providing visible benefits to body and soul through fine needles.

Acupuncture rebalance your flow of energy and it has numerous benefits. Besides these acupuncture has many other astonishing facts which all of us should know:

(1) The age of acupuncture is 1000 years:

This is not necessarily to be exactly accurate. But the proponents of acupuncture have stated that acupuncture is mentioned from the ancient texts. It may not be the way it is treated now but it was applied as a primitive surgery of a pin prick since then.

(2) Science can show how acupuncture works:

Studies suggest how does acupuncture actually work. Here needling gives relief to endorphins which is able to inhibit the signal of pains. Endorphins are also released by punching in the face. Face punching helps to reduce pain from other parts of the body as well. Due to this people do not create therapeutic modalities around face though.

(3) Thousands Of Positive Effects Of Acupuncture:

Acupuncture visibly provide specific effects that make it possible to go beyond improvements. People report improvements in various conditions relating to head, mood, throat, nose, heart, sleep, menopause, weight, back, immune system and many more.

(4) Acupuncture – The Ancient Art Of Infertility Treatment:

Though infertility treatment is now believed to be undertaken according to modern day science, still reproductive specialists look for the mysterious world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because once a couple failed one attempt at IVF (in vitro fertilization), this is when the doctors suggest a known successful treatment – fertility acupuncture.

(5) Acupuncture Is Safe In Every Way:

Acupuncture is relatively a safe form of treatment. The adaptability of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is increasing in recent years and no adverse effects have been seen after acupuncture treatment so far.


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